Paper presentation

Sosil Somokian, Ms.
Box Hill College of Kuwait

Sosil, a PhD student specializing in Teaching Methodologies, is a speech and language pathologist and senior lecturer at Box Hill College of Kuwait. Her research interests include Language Acquisition, Project Based Learning, Teaching Methodologies, Learning Strategies, Learner Autonomy and Learning Disorders.

Comparative Study: Impact of Various Graphic Organizers on Comprehension Skills (PP40), Paper
Graphic organizers (GOs) help students become active, purposeful and critical readers. GOs help learners develop comprehension strategies, monitor their own comprehension and seek different ways to decode and reconstruct meaning when confronted with challenging texts. This comparative study which involved 75 adult female learners compared the impact of various GOs on developing learners’ comprehension skills in less than one semester. Findings as well as learner feedback were very interesting and informative.