Paper presentation

Awad Al-hassan, Dr.
Dhofar University

Awad is an assistant professor at Dhofar University, Oman. He has an MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics from the UK. His research interests include academic writing. He has presented at international conferences and published in peer reviewed journals.

Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali, Mr.
Rustaq College of Applied Sciences-Department of English Language & Literature
Holi is a lecturer, researcher and teacher trainer at Rustaq College of Applied Sciences, Oman. His teaching and research interests include ghostwriting and plagiarism detection technology. He has presented widely at international conferences and publish

Plagiarism Technology and Ghostwriting: Can we make the undetectable detectable? (PP126), Paper
This presentation looks into ghostwriting and authoring as undetectable practices among EFL/ESL students within academia.There has been a number of plagiarism detection software developed, ghostwriting, however, has increasingly become a prevalent phenomenon. Our paper argues for alternative multidimensional approaches for fighting and curbing ghostwriting, an undetectable form of plagiarism, and contract cheating. The presentation will offer some practical and multidimensional approaches regarding how to deal with plagiarism incidents which result from ghostwriting practices.