Paper presentation

John Michael Villar Faller, Mr.
Ibra College of Technology

John is the head of Research and Consultancy of the English Language Centre, Ibra College of Technology. He has presented at various conferences in Asia, Europe, and America.

Mahmoud Yousuf Mohammed Al-Maskari, Mr.
Rustaq College of Applied Sciences

Mahmoud is a research enthusiast and is currently assigned as a teacher trainee at the Department of English Language and Literature, Rustaq College of Applied Sciences.

What’s Up WhatsApp: An EFL Teacher and Learners’ Utilization (PP150), Paper
The paper is an attempt to examine the utilization of the free and cross-platform WhatsApp Messenger by the EFL teacher and learners in an English Language Centre in a Technology College. The inquiry focused on its purposes, comfortability, usefulness, ease of use, collaboration and interaction with others, motivation, facilitation of learning, satisfaction, and effectiveness. The output further specifies steps and tips on successfully employing social media for classroom purposes.