Paper presentation

Is’haq Salim Al Naibi, Mr.
Arab Open University
Is’haq has a B.Ed. in English Language Teaching from SQU, 2011. He taught in the Foundation Programme at Majan College. He is currently teaching at Arab Open University where he is coordinating level two of the Foundation Programme.

Nasser Rashid Al Hattali, Mr.
Arab Open University
Nasser is an English language teacher who has been teaching in various educational institutions. Currently he is teaching at Arab Open University in the Foundation Programme.

A Change for the better: Adapting Online Teaching Materials (PP175), Paper
With the numerous teaching materials available online and the busy schedules of teachers, teachers nowadays are able to utilize ready-made materials available online. To maximize the benefits of these teaching materials, teachers should carefully adapt the materials to fit their context. The presenters will focus on the importance of context analysis and needs analysis, providing a helpful framework for adapting and adopting teaching materials.