Paper presentation

Pradyumna Kesh Tewari, Mr.
Centre for Preparatory Studies, Sultan Qaboos University
Pradyumna holds masters’ degrees in English and Education from the University of Lucknow (India) and in Linguistics from the University of Manchester. He joined Sultan Qaboos University in 2000 after teaching for 17 years in Nigeria and India.

Innovative Techniques for Teaching Oral Self-reflection to EFL students (PP176), Paper
In a developing situation, students of English as a second or foreign language are often unable to express themselves correctly for prolonged periods. They either cannot express all the knowledge or information they possess, or have to fall back on using their mother tongue to communicate ideas. Such a state has to be definitely tackled. This presentation explores six ways for improving oral self-expression among English students who have already learnt appropriate basic sentence-structures.