Certified Workshop

Esther K. Ibrahim, Ms.
Centre for Preparatory Studies, Sultan Qaboos University
Esther, an ESL/EFL teacher, is interested in language assessment and materials development. She is keen to learn more about Omani students’ learning preferences. As a CELTA tutor, she would like to develop more ideas to support new teachers.

Engaging Ideas for ESP Writing (CWS43), Certified Workshop
ESP writing at foundation programs can be a challenge to both teachers and learners. Creativity and free use of synonyms and structures are usually not allowed. The teacher is left with a few samples that students analyse to identify target vocabulary and structures.

The presenter will share some engaging, student-centred activities that she adapted/developed while teaching writing to medical students. The activities are used to present target language and allow students to practice it in a more interesting manner. These activities cater for different learning styles and are transferrable when teaching writing for other types of ESP or general English.