Plenary speech

Jennifer A. Foote, Dr.
University of Alberta

Dr. Jennifer A. Foote is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. She researches second language pronunciation and is especially interested in discovering ways to help learners improve their pronunciation in a manner that will lead to more intelligible speech. As well as publishing research in academic journals and presenting at research-based conferences, she is passionate about connecting research to practice and helping generate knowledge that has practical classroom applications for teachers.

Connecting research and practice in pronunciation instruction (PL08)
The last 15 years have seen a huge increase in the amount of research being conducted on pronunciation instruction and development; however, research does not always lead to changes in teaching in second language classrooms. This talk will present new findings in pronunciation research and how those findings can translate into effective classroom practice. Some of the major topics addressed will be how to decide which aspects of pronunciation to focus on in order to best help learners become easier to understand, how to address error correction in the classroom, and which types of training activities are most effective.