Workshop presentation

Fazilat Jahan, Ms.
Ibri College of Technology
Fazilat is an ESL instructor at Ibri College of Technology. Her interests include student motivation, technology in ESL/EFL classrooms and EAP. She enjoys teaching every skill but she is happiest when teaching listening and speaking.

“My students don’t speak”- is no more an excuse (WS31), Workshop
The workshop highlights several reasons why students in general, and in Oman and Arab countries in particular, aren’t willing to speak in an English class. It suggests some practical approaches to address those reasons to encourage students to speak through various interactive tasks. The workshop especially focuses on using scaffolding activities as springboards to encourage students to speak confidently. It introduces some speaking tasks that require no preparation and come in handy when teachers are pressed for time. It also introduces some effective online tools to make speaking a fun experience.