Workshop presentation

Ibtisam Ali Hassan Al Badi, Mrs.
Sohar College of Applied Sciences
Ibtisam holds a master’s degree in TESOL from Sydney University, Australia. She works for the Ministry of Higher Education, and currently teaches English at Sohar College of Applied Sciences.

Socrative as an Alternative Assessment Tool (WS38), Workshop
Assessment is an integral part of any learning process. English teachers apply tests for different purposes including diagnostic tests, placement tests, formative tests and summative tests. This workshop will introduce teachers to Socrative as an alternative online assessment tool. It is a website and an application that can be accessed using computers or/and mobile phones. It has four main features which are QUIZ, SPACE RACE, EXIT TICKET, and QUICK QUESTION. Socrative provides teachers with immediate feedback and results so they do not waste time marking. It also creates a competitive environment for students, and encourages teamwork.