Workshop presentation

Noura Rashid Al Kalbani, Ms.
Ministry of Education
Noura is an assessment officer in the Ministry of Education. She holds an MA in Education, 2004. She writes assessment specifications and participates in exam writing. She also designs training assessment courses.

Fatma Juma Al -Alawi, Ms.
Ministry of Education
Fatma is a deputy director of the Qualification Department, MOE. She holds a BA from Kuwait University. She is responsible for equivalency and ratification of certificates. She has contributed to the Omani qualification framework.

Test blueprint: Building a base for better teaching and learning (WS42), Workshop
As we all know, assessment plays an important role in teaching and learning. Yet many teachers feel assessment is not relevant to their classroom practice. This workshop will teach participants how to create a test blueprint for any course they are teaching. A test blueprint is a tool to identify learning outcomes and to determine what is important for the students to know and the relative weight for each area being tested. It ensures that the content being taught is properly represented in the test. It is essential to help lay out specifically what is to be measured.