Workshop presentation

Ossama Mostafa Sayed, Mr.
Shinas College of Technology
Ossama has an MA in TEFL and CELTA. He has worked for the faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Egypt; Al- Baha University and Dammam University, KSA; and Shinas College of Technology. His interests are in innovative ways of teaching and learning English.

Mega Memory: How to Teach Vocabulary, so Students Remember (WS48), Workshop
It is quite common that English language learners forget the words that they have just learned for several reasons such as under-learning, stress, lack of attention,etc. Theoretically, learning takes place when the student is able to process the information already stored in the memory, so forgetting hinders learning. The presenter shares with the participants a few memory strategies that students can use to memorize and recall vocabulary easily and effectively. Students can memorize up to 100 words a day when they use the retention techniques that will be presented in the workshop.