Workshop presentation

Zinnia Francisca Cardoso, Mrs.
College Of Banking And Financial Studies
Zinnia is a creative language teacher at the College of Banking and Financial Studies. She loves experimenting with methods and materials that help students learn better. She has been actively involved in material preparation at CBFS and designing materials for classroom use is her forte.

Assorted Activities for Effective Student Discourse (WS54), Workshop
Being asked to speak in an ESL class can be a daunting task for students. The reasons for hesitating to speak are many. However, reticent speakers, in particular, find it quite traumatizing to be forced to voice their opinions and speak out in front of their peers.
ESL teachers can, however, help build students’ self-confidence and get them to participate in speaking activities by using exciting games and exercises.The workshop will deal with varied time-tested and simple engaging activities that provide students with sufficient input to participate in meaningful discourse with their peers and teachers.