Workshop presentation

Hana’a Mohammed Ali Al Balushi, Ms.
Ministry of Education
Hana’a, an English language senior teacher, has a B.A in translation and foreign languages from Ajman University, 2003 and a higher diploma in teaching from Nizwa University, 2006.

Ali Saleh Salim Al Riyami, Mr.
Specialised Centre for Professional Training of Teachers
Ali has been an English language teacher for 8 years and is currenly working as an English language trainer at the Specialised Centre for Professional Training of Teachers, MOE.He is interested in looking for new methods of teaching and on-line courses.

Dialogue on the Move, Creative Speaking Activities (WS57), Workshop
Too often, the quantity of English speaking time is given priority over the quality of the speaking time. While it’s important to get your ESL students talking, it’s even more important to get them talking well. Students need to speak out by themselves and not just follow along in their heads while someone else speaks. Participants of this workshop will be provided with examples of the use of language chunks to increase the talking time for each individual and to raise motivation so that learning English remains a positive experience.