Workshop presentation

Jabez Syam K, Mr.
Ibri College of Technology
Jabez’s journey over a decade in ELT includes an MA in English, teacher training courses and paper presentations. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in Linguistics and Language Teaching. He is a lecturer at Ibri College of Technology.

Badour Mohammed Salim Al-Hinaai, Ms.
Ibri College of Technology
Badour is from Oman. She is a lecturer at Ibri College of Technology. She earned a Bachelor in ELT from Rustaq College of Applied Science and a masters in TESOL and CALL with merit from University of Stirling.

Designed and Authentic Videos to Enhance Vocabulary and Listening (WS61), Workshop
Nowadays, technology has become omnipresent, particulary in education.Infusing it in teaching and learning languages is important because it caters to contemporary learners’ needs.This workshop focuses on using commercial videos like Bank Sohar videos to teach students listening and vocabulary. The workshop will also contain tutorial videos, which have been designed and developed by teachers, aiming to help learners to improve their vocabulary skills. Students can watch these videos in class and answer comprehension questions.They can watch them before the class to have a general idea about the lesson for the following class.