Workshop presentation

Vijay Singh Thakur, Dr.
Department of Languages and Translation
Vijay is an associate professor in the Department of Languages and Translation of Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman. He holds a doctorate degree in Applied Sociolinguistics. His research interests include Cross-Cultural Pragmatics, Discourse Stylistics and TESOL Pedagogy.

Tapping students’ critical thinking through poetry in ELT classrooms (WS62), Workshop
Malay’s (1987: 107) argument that poetry is linguistically as well as emotionally authentic provokes an equally authentic and individual response from the reader. Taking a pedagogical lead from this, the present workshop attempts to experiment with critical applications of poetry in ELT classrooms and demonstrate how the ‘reactional language’ and ‘verbal sensibility’ of poems could be fruitfully exploited in ELT classrooms for tapping students’ critical thinking. This task-based workshop focuses on showing the benefits of using poetry and its pedagogic validity in making students increasingly confident about expressing their ideas and emotions with a questioning, challenging, and analytical mind.