Workshop presentation

Tom Kelley, Mr.
National Geographic Learning
Tom has been involved in education for almost 24 years working with a wide variety of ages and subjects. For the past 7 years he has been the academic consultant for National Geographic Learning. He has worked in Dubai, Egypt, Mexico and the United States. Tom has a special interest in thinking skills and developing 21st century skills.

Developing vital critical thinking skills through reading (Workshop)
In this workshop, participants will be exposed to the difference between a ‘rebranded’ critical thinking activity and a thoroughly developed critical thinking activity. The 8 strategies for cultivating critical thinking activities through reading will be introduced and practiced. This will allow participants to create and properly cultivate critical thinking. These reading based activities are aimed at allowing the participants to successfully utilize critical thinking activities in their own classroom immediately.

This workshop will be very interactive, so come prepared to get your hands dirty!

Discover the different skills of critical thinking
Learn how the to develop the different skills of critical thinking
Explore ways to effectively increase critical thinking in classroom activities homework