Oman International ELT Conference

Oman 17th International ELT Conference
20 – 21 April, 2017

General Notes

  • The code after the title refers to the session code. (Prefixes mean the following: CW: Certified Workshop; FS: Featured Speaker; PP: Paper Presentation; PS: Poster; PL: Plenary; WS: Workshop)
  • The number beside the venue name or room number refers to the room capacity. Clicking on the venue name will open its approximate location on Google Maps.
  • Venues for the Certified Workshops are mentioned only on the purchased vouchers.
  • Vouchers for the Certified Workshops are sold at the registration area, Exhibition Hall, First Floor, on a first-come-first-served basis. (NB: Thursday CW vouchers will be sold between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM; Friday CW Vouchers will be sold between 8:30 and 10:00 AM on Friday).
  • The program is subject to change. Any changes or cancellations will be announced during the conference.
  • Lunch is served at the Faculty Club concurrently with sessions from 12 to 3 pm on both days.
  • Snacks will be served at the Faculty Club from 9:30 to 11:00 on both days.
  • Rooms D2 and C2 will have self-serve coffee, tea and water on Thursday afternoon and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday.
  • Poster presentations will take place in the Exhibition Hall while workshops will be held in rooms D8 and D9
  • Self-serve coffee, tea and water will also be available at the Exhibition Hall during both days.
  • Names and titles are presented here as received from presenters.
  • Please note that the following schedule is still undergoing major modifications.
  • Sessions can ONLY BE MOVED to empty slots with WHITE background
Thursday morning
8.00 –  8.45 Conference package collection   -  Exhibition Hall, first floor
9.00 – 9.40 Opening Programme    -    Conference Hall
9:45– 10:45 Refreshments & Publishers’ Display
11:00 – 12:00

Connecting research and practice in pronunciation instruction

Dr. Jennifer Foote

Conference Hall (450 seats)

Thursday afternoon: Concurrent sessions
Time C3 (50 seats) C6 (50 seats) C10 (50 seats) C11 (50 seats) D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D8 (50 seats) D9 (50 seats) CPS Lab 1 (30 seats) Room is written on voucher
12:15 – 1:00

What we say and do: Reflecting on our gaps (PP84), Paper

Iain McGee, Dr.

Learner Autonomy – towards a new collaborative approach (PP191), Paper

Muhammad Amir Saeed, Mr.

Shamim Ali, Dr.

Understanding Neuroscience to Redefine Second Language Learning (PP149), Paper

Sylvia D’mello, Dr.

Digital innovations’ effects on designing meaningful language education contexts (PP16), Paper

Victoria Tuzlukova, Dr.

Irina Rozina, Dr.

Integrate Jolly Phonics in Omani EFL high school classes (PP15), Paper

Muna Yousuf Abdullah Al Bulushi, Ms.

My students don’t speak”- is no more an excuse (WS31), Workshop

Fazilat Jahan, Ms.

The Art of Observation Feedback (WS32), Workshop

Melissa Rebekah Bodola, Mrs


Engaging Ideas for ESP Writing

Esther K. Ibrahim, Ms.

1:15 – 2:00

Does the innovation of male and female integration affect motivation? (PP71), Paper

Alison MacKenzie, Dr.

A Change for the better: Adapting Online Teaching Materials (PP175), Paper

Is’haq Salim Al Naibi, Mr.

Nasser Rashid Al Hattali, Mr.

Graphic Organizers Effect on Omani Students’ Reading Comprehension and Attitudes (PP188), Paper

Suad Musalam Shantaf Al Hajri, Mrs.

Student Reflection: A tool for Self-assessment? (PP73), Paper

Pooja Sancheti, Mrs.

Coloring Outside the Line”: Embracing Creativity without Overlooking Learning Outcomes (PP55), Paper

Chaker Ali Mhamdi, Dr.

Virtual classrooms in teaching writing (PP146), Paper

Wafa Al-Maawali, Ms.

.Assorted Activities for Effective Student Discourse (WS54), Workshop

Zinnia Francisca Cardoso, Mrs.

Using Comics in the Classroom: Unlocking the Potential (WS13), Workshop

Jokha Khalifa Al Hosni, Ms.
Ahlam Said Al Rawahi, Ms.

Innovative Instagram Activities for EFL Learners (WS53)

Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Almatani, Mr.

2:15 - 3:00

Critical thinking activities for the language classroom (PP95), Paper

Richard Harrison, Mr.

Tapping the Linguistic Landscape as a Pedagogical Resource (PP114), Paper

Andrew Daniels, Mr.

Role Models: a Way to Boost Motivation and Autonoumous Learning (PP199), Paper

Muneer Naser Mansoor Alhadhrami, Mr.

English Language Assessment Practices at Dhofar University’s Foundation Program (PP36), Paper

Syed Arshad Ali, Mr.

Umamaheswara Rao Bontha, Dr.

Expanding Opportunities for Innovative Teaching and Learning: Literature through Comics (PP67), Paper

Emira Derbel, Dr.

My Real Story with Motivation (PP25), Paper

Zainab Saleh Al Balushi, Ms.

Dialogue on the Move, Creative Speaking Activities (WS57), Workshop

Hana’a Mohammed Ali Al Balushi, Ms.

Ali Saleh Salim Al Riyami, Mr.

Bridging Oral Tradition and Academic Writing (WS37), Workshop

Stephanie Siam, Mrs.


Let’s ask BIG questions in the ELT Classroom (CW9)

Nazanin Dehdary, Ms.

3:15 – 4:00

Learning Reflections: A Journey of Innovation and Integration (PP130), Paper

Abdullah Khalfan Al Rawahi, Mr.

What’s Up WhatsApp: An EFL Teacher and Learners’ Utilization (PP150), Paper

John Michael Villar Faller, Mr.

Mahmoud Yousuf Mohammed Al-Maskari, Mr.

Using Videotelling in ELT (PP31), Paper

Karima Khalfan Humaid Al Kharusi, Mrs.

Teachers’ developmental resources, are they available? (PP70), Paper

Yaqoob Mohammed Khalfan Al Ghatrifi, Dr.


Investigating written corrective feedback in an Omani context (PP33), Paper

Soufiane Trabelsi, Dr.

Calm Down Teachers! It’s Student Talk Time (WS20), Workshop

Yasmeen Al-Tai, Ms.

Zainab Najwani, Ms.

Features of Connected Speech (WS10), Workshop

Justin Kernot, Mr.

Friday Morning
9:00: – 10:00

Omani ELT Student Teachers Climbing the IELTS Mountain (FSP53)

Dr. Ali Al-Issa (Conference Hall)


Current practices in research and assessment: Are we failing (our)students? (FSP158)

Dr. Hashil Al-Saadi (Lecture Theatre 1)

R E F R E S H  M E  N T S  ARE   S E R V E D   C O N C U R R E N T LY   W I T H   S E SS I O N S

F R O M    9:00   T O   11:00   AM

Time C3 (50 seats) C6 (50 seats)

C10 (50 seats)

C11 (50 seats) D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D8 (50 seats) D9 (50 seats) Exhibition Room is written on voucher
10:15 – 11:00

Audio Recording Assessment to Motivate Independent Voice and Independent Learning (PP50), Paper

Amal Isa Saber, Ms

Empowering EFL Learners through Asset-based Assessment (WS22), Paper

Joseph Decena Dayag, Dr.

Promoting Autonomous Language Learning through Virtual Learning Environments (PP160), Paper

Qasim Salim Al Washahi, Mr.

Comparative Study: Impact of Various Graphic Organizers on Comprehension Skills (PP40), Paper

Sosil Somokian, Ms.

Investigating Self-representation in EFL Students’ Written Discourse (PP141), Paper

Ahmed Ali Saleh Al Ajmi, Mr.

Innovative Vocabulary Games in Minutes: A Gate to Explore! (WS26), Workshop

Maryam Ali Masood Alaufi, Ms.

Amal Said Khamis AL Jahwari, Ms.

Test blueprint: Building a base for better teaching and learning (WS42), Workshop

Noura Rashid Al Kalbani, Ms

Fatma Juma Al -Alawi, Ms.

Concurrent poster sessions

Assessing EFL Omani students’ metacognition awareness of reading strategies (PO1), Poster

Fatma Rashid Humaid Al Kiyumi, Ms.

Miller, Ryan, Dr.


Integrating ELL’s 21st Century Skills using Google Forms (PO7), Poster

Waleed Saad Abu Mandour, Mr.


The Effects of Cultural Values on Learner Autonomy

Zubaida Shebani, Dr.

Pronunciation instruction: Best practices and new innovations (CW04)

Jennifer A. Foote, Dr.

11:15 – 12:00

Blended-Flipped Academic Writing in General Foundation Programs: Potential and Limitations (PP23), Paper

Afaf Ahmed Gasmi, Mrs.

Group Dynamics as an Innovative Instructional Strategy in Teaching Reading (PP75), Paper

Arturo G.Palaming, Dr.


Effects of written corrective feedback on Arab students’ English writing (PP97), Paper\

Khaled Karim, Dr.

Deployment of Newspapers for Research-Based English Language Learning (PP168), Paper

Justin James, Mr.

Integrating games to motivate EFL students (PP128), Paper

Sofiene Mansour Tergui, Mr.

Tapping students’ critical thinking through poetry in ELT classrooms (WS62), Workshop

Vijay Singh Thakur, Dr.

Socrative as an Alternative Assessment Tool (WS38)

Ibtisam Ali Hassan Al Badi, Mrs.

12:00 - 3:00

L U N C H   IS   S E R V E D   C O N C U R R E N T LY   W I T H   S E S S I O N S 

F R O M    1 2  T O   3   P M (Faculty Club)

12:00 - 1:30 Friday Prayers and Lunch Break
Friday afternoon
Time C3 (50 seats) C6 (50 seats) C10 (50 seats) C11 (50 seats) D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D8 (50 seats) D9 (50 seats)    
1:30 – 2:15


Enhancing Students’ Reflective Writing Skills through Reflective Writing Tasks (PP117), Paper

Andwatta Barnes, Ms.


Demotivation of English Language Learning among Rural Omani School Students (PP21), Paper

Jawaher Hamed Said Al-Khamisi, Ms.

Mega Memory: How to Teach Vocabulary, so Students Remember (WS48), Workshop

Ossama Mostafa Sayed, Mr

Developing vital critical thinking skills through reading (Workshop)

Tom Kelley, Mr.
National Geographic Learning

2:30 3:15

Plagiarism Technology and Ghostwriting: Can we make the undetectable detectable? (PP126), Paper

Awad Al-hassan, Dr.

Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali, Mr.


Alternative approaches to teacher-written corrective feedback in writing classes (PP124), Paper

Bakhtiar Naghdipour, Dr.

Using SPSS to Determine an Assessment’s Validity and Reliability (PP88), Paper

Mohammed Kashoob, Mr.

Grade Retainees in Omani Schools (PP118), Paper

Ibtisam Said Mubarak Al-Hadhrami, Ms.

Flipped learning: a road map for language educators (PP192), Paper

Mahmood Awadh Alhosni, Mr.

Designed and Authentic Videos to Enhance Vocabulary and Listening (WS61), Workshop

Jabez Syam K, Mr.

Badour Mohammed Salim Al-Hinaai, Ms.

3:30 – 4:15

Innovative Techniques for Teaching Oral Self-reflection to EFL students (PP176), Paper

Pradyumna Kesh Tewari, Mr.

Practical Feedback Manual for Teachers in Oman Using the Process Approach (PP112), Paper

Salwa Ahmed Al-Muzahmi, Miss

Why Still Weak in Reading? An Empirical Study (PP129), Paper

Gireeshan Navath, Mr.

Student Motivation: What a Difference Five Years Makes! (PP159), Paper

Susan Crosbie, Dr.

Khalid Al Mashikhi, Dr.

4:30 – 5:00 Conference Wrap-up (Conference Hall - 400 seats)

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