Call for Proposals

Proposal submission deadline: 14 January, 2018

This year's conference aims to be relevant to the fast changing context of ELT and to provide opportunities for reflection to act as a catalyst for exploring innovative ways of thinking about and teaching in the field of ELT.

The theme, ELT - Current Perspectives, Trends and Challenges, invites us to share best practices, consider strategies to encourage engagement for all stakeholders in ELT and to promote learner autonomy. The theme can be explored via practical, theoretical or research strands.

Proposals in any of the following sub-themes are highly appreciated

  1. Flexibility in EFL teaching/learning: E-Learning
  2. Ways to align the gap between EFL practice and theory
  3. Continuous education through professional development
  4. EFL challenges: differences in learning styles and strategies
  5. EFL testing and assessment
  6. Problem-based learning
  7. Paperless classes
  8. Skills needed for the workplace
  9. EIL – English as an International Language – meeting the needs of the nation
  10. Meeting the needs of our learners
  11. New Technologies in the ELT Classroom
  12. Facilitating Learner Autonomy
  13. Fostering 21st Century Skills in the ELT Classroom
  14. CLIL- Content and Language Integrated Learning
  15. Teachers as Lifelong Learners
  16. ELT Practitioners as Researchers
  17. Ways to Enhance Student Motivation and Engagement 
  18. Sociocultural Issues in ELT
  19. Current Trends in Teaching the Four skills
  20. Current Trends in Teaching Vocabulary
  21. From communicative to interactive competence
  22. Edutainment
  23. Web-based learning
  24. Social media for language learning
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  Proposal submission