Guidelines to submit a paper for the conference proceedings
The editors of the Conference Proceedings invite you to submit a paper based on your presentation at this year’s conference. Any submitted papers will be considered for publication in this latest volume. Papers can only be submitted by those who presented a paper or a workshop at the 2018 conference. Please make sure to read and follow the guidelines stated below. We reserve the right to reject any submission not following the stated guidelines.
  • All work must be authentic and free of plagiarism.
  • Papers should be 3,000 to 4,000 words in length, excluding references and appendices.
  • The abstract should not exceed 150 words in length.
  • After the title, please type your name, the institution where you work and your email address. Please use the original title of your conference presentation. Please note that your email and any contact details will not be published in the Proceedings.
  • References should follow the APA style (please refer to APA documentation). The list of references should contain every source cited in the text of your paper.
  • Do not use footnotes.
  • Figures and tables should be numbered separately. All figures and tables must be given a caption, which should appear below the display.
  • A soft copy should be submitted in editable Microsoft Word format. Please refer to the table below for font type and size. It will be highly appreciated if the Word document is accompanied with a PDF version.
  • Papers should be written as continuous expository narrative – not as lists of points or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Please ensure that the paper is thoroughly checked and proofread before submission.

The editors reserve the right to make any changes in the papers in the interest of clarity or space, but these will not affect the sense of the original.

Page Layout for the ELT Conference Proceedings
In order to maintain uniformity of appearance, authors are requested to produce their "camera-ready" copy according to the following requirements:

electronic page size

A4; margins set to 2.5 cm top and bottom & 3 cm left and right

line spacing

Single line spacing

paragraph indent

None. (Please do not indent.) However, please leave a line or 12 points after every paragraph.


Short title drawn from the title

Authors should use the following Microsoft Word Styles:

Text Type


paper title

14-point bold; Times New Roman; centred

authors' names

12-point bold; Times New Roman; centred

institution/ work place

12-point; Times New Roman; centred


11-point: Times New Roman; italic, justified

body text

12-point; Times New Roman; justified

section headings

12-point bold; Times New Roman; left

subsection headings

12-point bold; Times New Roman; left


10-point italic; Times New Roman

Deadline to receive your papers for Conference Proceedings is 22nd February, 2019

Please note that submission can only be accepted through the following link. Please don't send your papers by email.

Please click here to submit