Certified Workshop


Scott Aubrey, Professor

Kansai University

Scott Aubrey is an is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies and Graduate School of Foreign Language and Education, Kansai University, in Osaka, Japan. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Auckland in Applied Linguistics. Scott’s research and pedagogical interests include the areas of L2 motivation and learner engagement, task-based language teaching, computer-mediated L2 writing instruction. He has published work includes articles in TESOL Quarterly, Language Teaching Research, and The Modern Language Journal.


Designing language tasks that promote engagement (CWS3), Workshop

This workshop aims to provide teachers with a solid foundation for designing classroom tasks that engage their students. The workshop will start with a short introduction to task-based language teaching and provide a framework for designing and implementing tasks that engage students on a cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral level. Next, in view of this framework, the presenter will provide examples of common textbook activities and discuss ways to change them into engaging tasks. In addition, participants will think of ways to develop their own classroom materials. Although much of the workshop will focus on speaking tasks, writing tasks will also be considered. In particular, the presenter will discuss the difficulties associated with incorporating the collaborative or social dimension of engagement into the L2 writing classroom and suggest ways to overcome these challenges.