Paper presentation


Marianne Jones, Ms.

Ministry of Education, UAE

Marianne has taught English and trained teachers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East over the last 12 years. She currently works as a digital education facilitator for the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Her passion is education technology.

Radoslaw Janik, Mr.

Ministry of Education ,UAE

A PhD candidate in theoretical linguistics, a data scientist and an educator with 13 years of experience, Radoslaw’s interests lie in impact assessment, institutional research as well as technological and educational innovations and trends.

Digital pedagogy - where is it? (PO11), Poster

Using technology in education has become more widespread over recent years. Schools around the world are investing in devices and software for teachers to use in lessons with students. The ideas sound amazing but the reality sometimes falls short. This poster will discuss teacher anxiety, different training styles, getting leadership involved and measuring impact. It is aimed at trainers, school management, and anyone interested in learning about educational technology.