Paper presentation

Mohammed Quamruddin Ansari, Dr.

Bayan College

Ansari has thirty years of ESL teaching experience. He has served in several educational institutions of repute. He is a regular presenter and a writer. His areas of interests are teachers and motivational strategies, learner autonomy and TALL.


Learner Autonomy- 21st Century Pedagogy: Teachers as Co-learners (PP12), Paper

Learner autonomy in the context of 21st century pedagogy needs to be redefined. Today’s learners are tech savvy and knowledge is at their fingertips. The teaching and learning profile has changed dramatically. This paradigm shift has narrowed its focus on learners and learning rather than on teachers and teaching; but it doesn’t reduce the role of teachers. On the contrary, teachers and teaching have tactfully withdrawn to peripheral roles letting the floor for learners to flourish.