Paper presentation


Victoria Tuzlukova, Dr.

Centre for Preparatory Studies,SQU

Victoria is currently working at the Centre for Preparatory Studies,Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. She has over thirty years teaching experience in Russia and Oman. Her research areas of interest are sociolinguistics, intercultural communication and language pedagogy.

Vindhya Sathya Singh, Dr.

Centre for Preparatory Studies, SQU

Vindhya  works as teaching faculty at the Department of English for Humanities and Social Sciences, CPS. Her teaching and research interest areas are learner autonomy, ESP, PBL, and entrepreneurial skills development.


Developing 21st century skills: The content and process of learning (PP19), Paper

The aim of this paper is to describe how application of content and the process of problem-based learning can help Omani students develop 21st century skills through consistent practice in the English language classroom. The focused attention is placed on curriculum, teaching materials, classroom experiences of facilitated problem solving and students’ independent self-directed learning in the context of the English for Business course offered at Sultan Qaboos University. Recommendations for other English language courses are suggested.