Paper presentation


Tsoghik Grigoryan, Dr.

Higher Colleges of Technology

Tsoghik teaches at Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE. She  has an MA in Education, TEFL and PhD in Education, TESOL. She has 19 years of teaching experience and is an advocate of mobile teaching/learning.

Hinda Hussein, Dr.

Higher Colleges of Technology

Hinda works at Higher Colleges of Technology. She has 20 years of teaching experience. Her MA is in Health Education and her PhD is in Educational Leadership. Her professional interests are CLIL, educational technology and literacy.

Technology Gives the Quietest Student a Voice:  Paperless Language Learning (PP27), Paper

This experimental study is an investigation of iPad-based English language learning in the United Arab Emirates context. The purpose of this study was to explore the results of using mobile technology educationally by looking into students’ language achievement that the paperless classroom established.  This study is a phase of large scale research that was carried out through an experimental design.