Paper presentation


Surya Subrahmanyam Vellanki, Dr.

Nizwa College of Technology

Surya  received his Ph.D. from India in 2003 and DELTA from Cambridge in 2016. He is currently working at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman. His academic interests are using TELL, learner autonomy, learning strategies and learner styles.


Enhancing Student Engagement and Motivation Through Blended Learning (PP29), Paper

The availability of learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle has enabled educators to use blended learning to maximise learning opportunities and enhance learning experiences of students. Blended learning was practiced through Moodle in this study to supplement and support language learning within and beyond the classroom. This presentation will bring into focus how blended learning could be used effectively to enhance student engagement, participation and motivation in an EFL classroom.