Paper presentation


Yousuf Yaqoob Salim Al-Haddabi, Mr.

Ministry of Education, Oman

Yousuf is an ELT Regional Supervisor in Bid Bid and Samail sector. He has taught English for eight years and worked as a senior English teacher for three years. He is now doing his M.A. at SQU.


Investigating Perceptions about In-House Textbooks at the Centre for Preparatory Studies (PP33), Paper

This presentation discusses the perceptions of 335 students and 20 teachers representing the CPS at SQU towards the textbooks produced in-house. Results revealed that students have negative perceptions towards knowledge and skills. Conversely, teachers displayed neutral perceptions towards half of the items and positive perceptions towards the other half. There was a statistically significant difference in the mean scores in favor of the teachers. The findings have implications for taking students’ needs into consideration.