Paper presentation


Joseph D. Dayag, Dr.

Shinas College of Technology

Joseph has a a PhD in language education and  is an educator, teacher-trainer, and researcher. His interests include language education, assessment, and technology in education. He has presented papers and workshops in various international conferences.

Nasser Al Hindasi, Mr.

Shinas College of Technology

Nasser is the head of curriculum and teaching methods at Shinas College of Technology’s English Language Center. He has an MA in education ELT and an M.Sc. in educational psychology.

Feedback in Omani EFL Context: From Research  to Classroom Implications (PP39), Paper

The paper aims to ascertain the written feedback practices of EFL lecturers in a higher education institution through document analysis and focus group discussion. Based on the results of this ongoing study and drawing from significant findings of recent researches, the paper shall shed light on the effective written feedback practices appropriate to the EFL setting. Furthermore, the paper serves as a basis for the design of a definitive policy for EFL lecturers.