Paper presentation


Jokha AL Hosni, Ms.

Sultan Qaboos University

Jokha  is an English language instructor at SQU. She has been teaching in the Centre for Prepartory Studies since 2010. She has an MS in curriculum studies from Purdue University, USA. Her research interests include curriculum design and blended learning.

Ahlam Al Rawahi, Ms.


Ahlam has a 10 years experience as a language instructor at SQU. She has a master's  in Learning Sciences and Technology from the University of Sydney, Australia. Her research interests are life-long learning, instructional design and e-learning.

Translation Apps: A blessing or a hindrance? (PP86), Paper

Although the use of mobile phones has been proven to be an effective learning tool, its use entails a considerable number of discipline and academic challenges in our classrooms. This presentation will share the SQU Foundation Programme students' perceptions and attitudes towards this issue with a special focus on the use of translation apps. A number of recommendations will be suggested.