Paper presentation


Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali, Mr.

Rustaq College of Education

Holi is a lecturer of applied linguistics and TESOL at Rustaq College of Education. He has presented widely at national, regional and international conferences. He has authored and co-authored a number of articles and published extensively in peer-reviewed journals.

Awad Alhassan, Dr.

Dhofar University

Awad is an assistant professor of applied linguistics at the department of Language and Translation in Dhofar University. His teaching and research interests include TESOL, EAP and EMI. He has presented at international conferences and published in refere

Infusing Staff Performance through 360 Appraisal: Experiences of EFL Teachers (PP92), Paper

This presentation draws on data collected via in-depth semi-structured interviews with 12 EFL teachers in an Omani private university .The study investigates the experiences of EFL teachers with regard to their current performance appraisal practices and how the existing performance appraisal might be improved by adopting key components of a 360 performance appraisal. The participants will be involved in discussing the study's findings, recommendations, and implications, as well as other performance appraisal-related issues.