Paper presentation


Arturo G. Palaming , Dr.

Arturo has a BSE, major in English. He finished his MA in Teaching (1991),  M.A. in TESOL/TEFL (1996) and Doctorate Degree in Applied Linguistics (2004, USA). He is an Assistant Professor of GRU English Department.

Rommel P.Manzon, Mr.

International Maritime College of Oman

Rommel is a BS in English and TESOL/CELTA. He teaches ESP subjects.. He is an ESP coordinator and a curriculum committee member. He has been teaching  for 13 years.

Reading Comprehension of Students: Basis for a Proposed Intervention Plan (PP97), Paper

The study focuses on the reading comprehension of students. A modified reading comprehension test was administered to the respondents. Thereafter, strengths and weaknesses of the students were identified from the given test, and the overall reading comprehension level of the students were identified. Subsequently, an intervention plan was proposed to address the weaknesses of the students in reading comprehension. Finally, implications for teaching in reading instruction and teaching were derived from the study.