Paper presentation


Abdelrahman Aballa Salih, Dr.

Al Zahra College for Women

Abdel Rahman  is an associate professor of English Applied Linguistics at Al Zahra College for Women, Sultanate of Oman. He has taught English in Malaysia and Sudan. He is interested primarily in applied linguistics particularly issues related to the  ESL/EFL context.


English as a Lingua Franca in ELT: Truth or Fiction? (PP102), Paper

The phenomenal global spread of English in recent years has remarkable impact on English language teaching and learning, particularly in the English as a Foreign Language context. This paper reports the perceived implications of the rise of English as a lingua franca on  current ELT practice. Exploring views of English language teachers in Oman, the paper demonstrates the diverse understanding of (ELF) and the urgency for addressing the new emerging trends in ELT.