Paper presentation


Shahala Nassim, Ms.

Arab Open University

Shahala is an English lecturer at Arab Open University in Oman with a master's in English Language and Literature and English Language Education. She is interested in e-learning and socio-linguistics and has presented papers on different technical tools in English classrooms.

Wided Labidi, Ms.

Arab Open University, Oman

Wided has been teaching English for  12 years after graduating with a  BA in English Language and Literature from Manouba University Tunisia. In Oman, she has been teaching English as a Second Language and she is interested in sociolinguistics.

Podcasting activities  for improving AOU students’ communicative skills. (PP107), Paper

The presentation is a reflection on  a study of the effectiveness of Podcasting activities as a learning tool in improving students’ language skills conducted at Arab Open University for Foundation students.The study found the effectiveness of Podcasting as a tool in enhancing students’ involvement in the learning- process and improving their listening and speaking skills.The findings of the study on Podcasting prove that it is a highly recommended tool for English Language students.