Paper presentation


Khadernawaz Khan, Dr.

Former Director, Foundation Program,

Khader worked as the director of the Foundation Program and as an assistant professor in the Department of Languages and Translation at Dhofar University. He has written four book chapters and presented research papers at several international conferences.

Farida Nawaz Khan, Mrs.

Foundation Program, Dhofar University

Farida  is presently working in the English Language Unit of the Foundation Program at Dhofar University. She also worked as a language teacher at Salalah Nursing Institute. She has taken an active part in the quality audit of the Foundation Program.

The Implications of English Medium Instruction (EMI) on Unemployment (PP110), Paper

The knowledge and skills a student demonstrates is the proof of the education he/she has received. Thousands of Omani students graduate every year from higher educational institutions, but a very limited number of them find employment. The basic principle is, ‘If you don’t understand, you cannot learn.’ The researchers argue that besides EMI, Native Language Instruction (NLI) should also be introduced in higher education to mitigate the serious issue of unemployment.