Paper presentation


Sofiene Mansour Tergui, Mr.

Al-Buraimi University College, Oman

Sofiene is the Director of the Unit of Translation and a lecturer at Buraimi University College . His research interests are in Translation and ELT. He holds a TEFL certificate from Colchester, UK and has served as a TKT trainer.


Digitizing our EFL Classes; Digital Storytelling as a tool (PP126), Paper

The use of  ICTs has become a sine qua non for EFL teachers to engage  students, foster their language skills and meet the learning outcomes. This study delves into the effects of Digital Storytelling on both the writing and speaking skills of EFL learners. The speaker demonstrates some free on-line websites to show  the audience some practical digital storytelling applications. The participants will acquire an authentic tool to profit from in a paperless class.