Paper presentation


Shanker Menon, Dr.

Dhofar University

Shanker is an associate professor in the Department of Management. He has a doctoral degree from Florida, USA, and two  master's degrees. He is actively involved in research and has a wide number of publications.

Lakshmi Narayanan, Dr.

Dhofar University

Lakshmi is presently an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Social Sciences in Dhofar Univeristy.  She has a doctoral degree from Florida, USA and an MA and MS. She is widely published.

Skills needed in the workplace: the importance of culture (PP154), Paper

This research addresses the importance of skills  needed in the 21st century workplace  especially  in the profession of language teaching. Language teaching has many job demands and is very challenging particularly if you are dealing with other cultures. This paper discusses the role of two individual attributes which are cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence and the environmental variable in the job environment which is emotional labor and the role these three attributes play in the classroom environment.