Fazilat Jahan, Ms.

Ibri College of Technology

Fazilat is an ESL instructor at Ibri College of Technology. Her interests include student motivation, technology in ESL/EFL classrooms and EAP. She enjoys teaching every skill but she is at her happiest when teaching listening and speaking.


Guided Discovery- A pathway to learner autonomy (WS10), Workshop

The role of an English language teacher has transformed from being a teacher to being a facilitator.  Guided Discovery serves this role by encouraging students to discover grammatical rules, draw conclusions and construct relationships between existing knowledge of language and language being learnt. The workshop provides an overview of empirical research on the effectiveness of Guided Discovery in English Language instruction. It also introduces a four-step formula that can be applied to any lesson plan to transform it into Guided Discovery. Participants will also practise this approach in a model lesson.