Mastoor Al Kaboody, Mr.

Community College of Qatar

Mastoor Al Kaboody is a professor of TESOL at the Community College of Qatar. He is interested in instructed second language acquisition, corpus linguistics, second language writing and research methods.


Promoting Learner Autonomy through Authentic Corpus Activities (WS17), Workshop

This workshop aims to give the attendees a crash course in using corpora in their classrooms. It will focus on four main areas. First, the presentation will introduce corpus linguistics and a list of available corpora for ESL teachers. Second, it will discuss why ESL teachers should use corpus-based activities. Next, the presenter will shed light on how to use corpus-based activities in the ESL classroom, and how to design corpus-based authentic activities. After that, the presenter will give a short tutorial on the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA). Finally, the attendees get to do a sample activity.