Amani Rashid Said Al-Shibli, Ms.

Suhar Training Center

Amani is an assistant trainer in Suhar Training Centre who develops different courses to assist English language teachers achieve their full potential. Her main educational interests are experiential learning, sharing best practice to scaffold teachers and promote student engagement.


Fostering students’ engagement (WS24), Workshop

This workshop grew out of our work in giving workshops to teachers on how to foster their students’ engagement by using activities that are learner-centered and use a variety of classroom groupings. The presenter will demonstrate different activities and when to use them to keepĀ  students attentive and motivated. The session will cover innovative competitions and games that encourage students to learn more. She will use ice-breakers, stirrers, settlers, team-building activities and some digital tools. Participants will be asked to comment on how they can adapt them for their classes.