Brendan Edward Tynan, Mr.

Centre for Prepartory Studies,SQU

Brendan is an assistant lecturer at SQU, and an advocate of embracing CMLL for the benefit of both students and instructors. His interests include designing collaborative online learning environments, and incorporating mobile applications to improve student learning outcomes.


Comparing Socrative and Quizizz (WS27), Workshop

Socrative and Quizizz are two examples of the spread of mobile applications into the classroom, and the gamification of education. Understanding how students and instructors can use these applications is key to their successful integration. Workshop participants will view these two platforms as both a student and as an instructor to gain a deeper understanding of their relative strengths. This workshop will also examine the true strength of these tools, the ability to rapidly identify problematic content for learners and give directed feedback for specific students or to the class as a whole.