Elamparithy Selvarasu, Dr.

Ibra College of Technology

Elamparithy has been teaching English language, linguistics, critical theories, developmental psycho-linguistics and ELT at tertiary level for the last 10 years. Having published several articles and research papers , he is heading the Research Committee at ICT, Ibra.


Enlivening English Classes: A Problem-Posing Approach (WS29), Workshop

The workshop intends to blend some of the Chomskyan methods of linguistic investigation with the notions of Paulo Freire's Critical Pedagogy in the area of ELT. The workshop will focus on the methodology of teaching grammar from a descriptive and an inductive pedagogical framework. The central idea of Critical Pedagogy is to instill critical thinking in students and make the learning process an enjoyable and a fruitful experience. Since the participants will arrive at the rules through their own logical analysis and investigation, the teaching and learning process is hoped to be exciting, exploratory, enriching and engaging.