Fakhrah Ali, Mrs.

British University in Dubai

Fakhrah is an educational researcher at the Ministry of Education, Oman. She has presented extensively on topics related to literacy and learning to read. Fakhrah is currently a PhD candidate in the British University in Dubai.


Say, Write, Read (WS37), Workshop

This highly interactive workshop shows how the Language Experience Approach (LEA) can be employed effectively for developing literacy skills of EFL learners. To facilitate the understanding of LEA, participants will act as English learners and will walk  through the steps in an LEA lesson. The lesson, centered around a learner-generated text, uses the principles of LEA along with some multisensory strategies to attract learners. At the end, participants will read the text they generated with the support of the presenter. The rationale is that texts with familiar  ideas are more meaningful and accessible than pre-prepared texts.