Oman International ELT Conference

Oman 18th International ELT Conference
26 – 27 April, 2018

General Notes

  • The code after the title refers to the session code. (Prefixes mean the following: CW: Certified Workshop; FS: Featured Speaker; PP: Paper Presentation; PS: Poster; PL: Plenary; WS: Workshop)
  • The number beside the venue name or room number refers to the room capacity. Clicking on the venue name will open its approximate location on Google Maps.
  • Venues for the Certified Workshops are mentioned only on the purchased vouchers.
  • Vouchers for the Certified Workshops are sold at the registration area, Exhibition Hall, First Floor, on a first-come-first-served basis. (NB: Thursday CW vouchers will be sold between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM; Friday CW Vouchers will be sold between 10:00 and 12:00 AM on Friday).
  • The program is subject to change. Any changes or cancellations will be announced during the conference.
  • Lunch is served at the Faculty Club concurrently with sessions from 12 to 3 pm on both days.
  • Snacks will be served at the Faculty Club from 9:30 to 11:00 on both days.
  • Rooms C1 and D1 will have self-serve coffee, tea and water on Thursday afternoon and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday.
  • Poster presentations will take place in the Exhibition Hall while workshops will be held in rooms D6 and D7 on Thursday but only in D7 on Friday
  • Workshops that require computers are conducted in Computer Lab ___ in the Centre for Preparartory Studies building.
  • Self-serve coffee, tea and water will also be available at the Exhibition Hall during both days.
  • Names and titles are presented here as received from presenters.
  • D2 will have a display of CPS staff contributions in research and professional development during 2017 and 2018
Thursday morning
8.00 –  8.45 Conference package collection   -  Exhibition Hall, first floor
9.00 – 9.40 Opening Programme    -    Conference Hall
9:45– 10:45 Refreshments & Publishers’ Display
11:00 – 12:00

Ali Said Mohamed Al-Issa, Dr.

A Critical Perspective on “Best Practice in ELT(FS005

Featured Speech

Conference Hall (450 seats)

Thursday afternoon: Concurrent sessions
Time C3 (50 seats) C5 (50 seats) C6 (50 seats) D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D5 (50 seats) D6 (50 seats) D7 (50 seats) (workshops) CPS Lab 1 (CPS) Room is written on voucher
12:15 – 1:00


Gennady Medvedev, Dr.


Ask Alexa: Language Practice with Amazon Echo (PP11), Paper

Abdullah Said Hamed Al Hasani, Mr.


Towards Effective Omani Higher Education: Enabling Transformative Learning (PP161), Paper

Asma Ismail Al Ismaili, Mrs.


Translanguaging: Leveraging learners' full language repertoires (PP48), Paper

Galina Bugon, Ms.


An inquiry into teachers’ beliefs: Some methodological problems and solutions (PP49), Paper

Richard Harrison, Mr.


Can we teach Critical Thinking explicitly? (PP80), Paper

Victoria Tuzlukova, Dr.

Vindhya Sathya Singh, Dr.


Developing 21st century skills: The content and process of learning (PP19), Paper


Rahma Awadh Al Alawi, Ms.


QR Codes: Moving Towards a Paperless Classroom (WS18), Workshop


Samar Ahmed Mesbah Mouneimne, Ms.


Challenges Generating a Change (WS125), Workshop

Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Almatani, Mr.

Ali Hammed Humaid Alsenaidi, Mr.

Integrating Google Classroom into EFL Classes (WS23), Workshop

Justin Kernot, Mr.


In Tune With Intonation (CWS001), Certified Workshop

1:15 – 2:00

Abdelrahman Aballa Salih, Dr.


English as a Lingua Franca in ELT: Truth or Fiction? (PP102), Paper

Bakhtiar Naghdipour, Dr.


Feedback in L2 Writing Classes: Current Perspectives, Trends and Challenges (PP132), Paper

Chaker Ali Mhamdi, Dr.


ELT Through Social Networks: Bridging Gaps Between Perceptions and Reality (PP127), Paper

Joel C. Meniado, Dr.


Extensive Reading in the GCC Region: Trends, Challenges, and Possibilities (PP20), Paper

Meenalochana Inguva, Dr.

Kamla Al-Aamri, Mrs.


More teaching but less learning- Why? (PP68), Paper


Peyman Nouraey, Mr.


Integrative vs Instrumental Motivation among Omani EFL Learners: A Case-Study (PP66), Paper

Fakhrah Ali, Mrs.


Say, Write, Read (WS37), Workshop

Amani Rashid Said Al-Shibli, Ms.


Fostering students’ engagement (WS24), Workshop

Is'haq Salim Al-Naibi, Mr.


Edmodo: Holding the Fort of Language Learning Management (WS28), Workshop

2:15 - 3:00

Jokha AL Hosni, Ms.

Ahlam Al Rawahi, Ms.


Translation Apps: A blessing or a hindrance? (PP86), Paper

Joseph D. Dayag, Dr.

Nasser Al Hindasi, Mr.


Feedback in Omani EFL Context: From Research  to Classroom Implications (PP39), Paper

Khadernawaz Khan, Dr.

Farida Nawaz Khan, Mrs.


The Implications of English Medium Instruction (EMI) on Unemployment (PP110), Paper

Larysa Nikolayeva, Dr.


Adapting a text for testing purposes (PP83), Paper

Khadija Darwish Al Balushi, Dr.


"It was my dream job but the reality shocked me" (PP36), Paper

Shahala Nassim, Ms.

Wided Labidi, Ms.


Podcasting activities  for improving AOU students’ communicative skills. (PP107), Paper

Mohammed Al Hadhrami, Mr.

Murtada Abdalla, Mr.


A Creative Approach in Teaching Writing (WS32), Workshop

Fazilat Jahan, Ms.


Guided Discovery- A pathway to learner autonomy (WS10), Workshop

Brendan Edward Tynan, Mr.


Comparing Socrative and Quizizz (WS27), Workshop

3:15 – 4:00


Surya Subrahmanyam Vellanki, Dr.


Enhancing Student Engagement and Motivation Through Blended Learning (PP29), Paper

Maria Eleftheriou, Dr.


Teaching and Assessing SAE in a UAE University Writing Classroom (PP144), Paper

Asila Rabeea' Al Jabri, Mrs.


Educational Electronic Platforms: The Future of School-Family E-Partnership (PP134), Paper

Mohammed Quamruddin Ansari, Dr.


Learner Autonomy- 21st Century Pedagogy: Teachers as Co-learners (PP12), Paper

Rahab Harib Al Maqrashi, Ms.

Safaa  Darwish Al. Nabhani, Ms.


What Poetry and Folktales offer to ELT: HCT Context (PP95), Paper

Elamparithy Selvarasu, Dr.


Enlivening English Classes: A Problem-Posing Approach (WS29), Workshop


Denise Serna, Ms.


Building a Program-Village Style (PO7), Poster (Exhibition Hall)

4:15 – 5:00

Yousuf Yaqoob Salim Al-Haddabi, Mr.


Investigating Perceptions about In-House Textbooks at the Centre for Preparatory Studies (PP33), Paper

Jayaron Jose, Dr.


ICT Platforms for Teaching English: Types and Impacts (PP76), Paper

Salma Al-Humaidi, Dr.


Use it or Lose it: Vocabulary Growth in Writing (PP50), Paper

Rubeena Toufiq, Ms.

Nooreh Mehdi Zadeh, Ms.


Fostering independent learning amongst language learners through digital tool use (PP24), Paper




Ossama Mostafa Sayed Abdulrahman, Mr.


BookWidgets: A Must-have for Digital Classrooms (WS9), Workshop
Friday Morning
9:00: – 10:00

Professor Scott Aubrey

Engaging learners: Searching for flow in the language classroom

Conference Hall (450 seats)

R E F R E S H  M E  N T S  ARE   S E R V E D   C O N C U R R E N T LY   W I T H   S E SS I O N S

F R O M    9:00   T O   11:00   AM

Time Lecture Theatre 2 (100 seats) C5 (50 seats)

C6 (50 seats)

D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D5 (50 seats) D6 (50 seats) D7 (50 seats) Computer Lab 5 (CPS) Poster
10:15 – 11:00

Hashil Mohammed Al-Saadi, Dr.


Doing ELT Differently: Promoting Learner Autonomy for Survival in 21stCentury (PP150), Paper

Ali Said Mohamed Al-Issa, Dr.


Students’ Perceptions of the FPEL at SQU (PP30a), Paper

Amal Mohammed Saeed Al Hosni, Mrs.


Omani Teachers' Beliefs and Practices Regarding Reading Instruction (PP100), Paper

Ahmed Ali Saleh Al Ajmi, Mr.


Towards Implementing the Flipped Classroom in an Omani EFL Context (PP163), Paper


Moin Amena, Mrs.


Empowering Students through PBL in English for Business 1 Course (PP147), Paper

Omaima Al-Kiyumi, Ms.

Al-Mutasim Al-Mamari, Mr.


Effect of Metacognitive Reading Strategies Instruction on Foundation-level students' performance (PP87), Paper

Shanker Menon, Dr.

Lakshmi Narayanan, Dr.


Skills needed in the workplace: the importance of culture (PP154), Paper

Jihan Albayati, Ms.

Kim Abdullah, Ms.


Active Techniques in the ESL ClassroomWS3),, Workshop

Maryam Ali Masood Alaufi, Miss


Shift to a Paperless Classroom through an Innovative Web-based Platform (WS12), Workshop


Marianne Jones, Ms.

Radoslaw Janik, Mr.


Digital pedagogy - where is it? (PO11), Poster

(Exhibition Hall)

11:15 – 12:00

Hatem Essa, Dr.


Reflective learning and teaching in higher education: why and how? (FSPP153),

Featured Speech

Gireeshan Navath, Mr.


Team-based teaching and learning- How it helps in self-efficacy. (PP159), Paper

Hussam Alzieni, Dr.


The Impact of MLearning on Learner Autonomy: A Case Study (PP17), Paper

Marwa Eldeeb, Ms.


Gamification and Critical Thinking: Mutual Impact (PP21), Paper

Shahala Nassim, Ms.

Wided Labidi, Ms.


Podcasting activities  for improving AOU students’ communicative skills. (PP107), Paper

Ouarda Khouni, Dr.


The L2 self system to enhance learners' motivation and speaking (PP156), Paper

Sabah Salman Sabbah, Dr.


Anxiety of learning English as a Second Language: Tertiary level (PP99), Paper


Mastoor Al Kaboody, Mr.


Promoting Learner Autonomy through Authentic Corpus Activities (WS17), Workshop
12:00 - 3:00

L U N C H   IS   S E R V E D   C O N C U R R E N T LY   W I T H   S E S S I O N S 

F R O M    1 2  T O   3   P M (Faculty Club)

12:00 - 1:30 Friday Prayers and Lunch Break
Friday afternoon
Time C3 (50 seats) C5 (50 seats) C6 (50 seats) D3 (50 seats) D4 (50 seats) D5 (50 seats) D6 (50 seats) D7 (50 seats) Exhibition Room is written on voucher
1:30 – 2:15

James Buckingham, Mr.


Adapting textbook activities to promote collaboration and critical thinking skills (PP96), Paper


Ramesh Govindarajan, Mr.


Moodle as an Extended Classroom (PP38), Paper

Nathaniel Lotze, Mr.


The Art of Structured Review (PP70), Paper

Sofiene Mansour Tergui, Mr.


Digitizing our EFL Classes; Digital Storytelling as a tool (PP126), Paper

Thomas Baby Kappalumakkel, Dr.


The concept of paperless classrooms in the Omani Context (PP82), Paper

Syed Arshad Ali, Mr.

Umamaheswara Rao Bontha, Dr.


English Language Teachers’ Perceptions on Lifelong Learning (PP146), Paper

Shahzad Ahmad, Mr.

Faiz Sathi Abdullah, Dr.


L2 motivational orientations and investment among Arabic native speakers (PP129), Paper

Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali, Mr.

Awad Alhassan, Dr.


Infusing Staff Performance through 360 Appraisal: Experiences of EFL Teachers (PP92), Paper

Mounir Bin Sassi Fourati, Mr.


Task based language teaching
(PO67), Poster (Exhibition Hall)

Scott Aubrey, Professor

Designing language tasks that promote engagement CWS003) Certified Workshop

2:30 3:15

Rajat Ghosh, Dr.


Grammar-integrated vocabulary tasks to meet the learners’ need for accuracy (PP108), Paper

Suaad Masoud Alnaabi, Mrs.


Reflecting on practice: Action research and professional dvelopment (PP14), Paper

Noura Abdullah Hamed Al-Azzani, Miss

Sadia Jabeen, Mrs.


Better off: Switch on Technology in ELT Classrooms (PP31), Paper

Mick King, Dr.


It's not just about the English: Prepping learners for college (PP116), Paper

Muhammed Ali Chalikandy, Mr.


Omani EFL Students’ Preference of Grammar Teaching Method (PP60), Paper

Mohamad Yahya Abdullah, Mr.


The Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Model on Speaking Anxiety Levels (PP142), Paper

Faisal Al Saidi, Mr.


CALLing for learning strategies (PP109), Paper

Arturo G. Palaming , Dr.Rommel P.Manzon, Mr.


Reading Comprehension of Students: Basis for a Proposed Intervention Plan (PP97), Paper












3:30 – 4:00 Conference Wrap-up (Conference Hall - 400 seats)

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