Guidelines for submitting a proposal
(Deadline: 31 December, 2018)

Submission types

Below is a list of the submission types and their brief descriptions. Please read through all the guidelines before submitting a proposal.

  1. Paper Presentation
    A paper presentation is a 40-minute session that is usually interactive and/or followed by 10 minutes for questions.
  2. Poster
    In poster sessions, the information is usually presented on a poster, with or without handouts and may also be in an electronic form, eg. PowerPoint displayed on a computer screen.
  3. Workshop
    A workshop session is a 40-minute activity or task-based session followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Please use the appropriate link at the bottom of the page to submit your proposal

Please don't send proposals by email or post as no other ways of proposal submission are accepted.
General criteria for accepting proposals:
A proposal will only be accepted if it
  • has not been presented at any other regional conferences.
  • is directly relevant to the conference theme.
  • has a clear focus and communicates original ideas.
  • reports on a recently completed research project or a significant phase of the research.
  • has practical use for the audience, and if theoretical, must include useful applications.
  • is linguistically clear and accurate.
  • reflects what the speaker is going to talk about.
  • is submitted within the deadline set for proposal submission.
Please note that:
  • We only process proposals received through our online submission forms. Other ways of submission will not be considered.
  • For practical reasons, no justification will be offered for rejected proposals.
  • Only one submission per presenter is allowed.
  • A maximum of two presenters per submission is allowed.
  • Abstracts with language problems will not be processed.
  • The maximum number of words are limited for certain sections in the submission forms as follows:
For paper presentations and poster proposals: Maximum number of words
presenter 1 biography 40 words maximum
presenter 2 biography (if presentation is shared) 40 words maximum
paper or poster title 10 words maximum
an abstract 75 words maximum
paper summary 150 words maximum)
For workshop proposals:  
presenter 1 biography 40 words maximum
presenter 2 biography (if presentation is shared) 40 words maximum
a title 10 words maximum
an overview of workshop 100 words maximum
workshop objectives 70 words maximum
workshop procedure
150 words maximum

To submit a proposal, please click on the appropriate link below

(Deadline: 31 December, 2018)

Paper Proposal Form

Poster Proposal Form

Workshop Proposal Form

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